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Recently I was reading an article on sub specialties and niche businesses. The article talked about the concerns around  corporate  pushing out the smaller players. Yet there was a positive note – one that I have personally experienced – and that is…


Not driven by numbers, but rather by the experience.

As you approach your healthcare, there are a couple of systems you need to evaluate. The corporate/insurance model – high turn over, low price = low perceived value – vs. the Boutique Model – patient centred, patient focused, individual, personal = high perceived value!

In this fast paced life there is still room for the personalised approach. Our bodies, soma and psyche, have yet to catch up with the computerised pace of life. We have a need to slow down, be taken care of, have our worries understood, our foibles recognised. The body is reacting to the pressure of modern day life, reacting to any demand placed upon it. Going from ease to disease, stress to distress!

Stress is cumulative.Yet approached in the right way – the niche way – can result in an overall reduction in the strain that is resulting in stress. Whether the strain is physical, emotional, nutritional or financial, it can be reduced! 

Health Pro Dynamics

Originally I created Health-Pro Dynamics to help practitioners build  Niche Businesses, that rise above competition. Then I realised that this approach was applicable to any business owner or individual looking to create a lifestyle without the strain of conventional business. Simply by understanding the unique needs of the individual.



“Only you decide your worth, others decide your value. It is this combination that ultimately determines your income!”

- Bill Kellner-Read BDS

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Problems We Face Today

Life has become highly stressful and fast paced. We are experiencing…

At HealthPro Dynamics – You will…

Discover — The What, The Why, The When and The How — Applicable to you!

It specifically explains — Why You can…

HealthPro Dynamics

After The Storm — A New Reality

Online Seminar
Bill Kellner-Read – Life Speaker, Author and Dental Surgeon 

“Recognising your personal edge & place in your market — Day One.”

The 7 Needs to Know, You Need to Know

1. Increased job satisfaction – Why? Because you are doing what you were trained to do, in your ideal environment. Don’t be fooled, what is ideal to you isn’t ideal to everybody else. 

2. More complete work life balance – We all have the same number of hours in a day, we don’t all utilise them to our best benefit, you will find out how you do this!

3. Client appreciation – Clients want to appreciate you, they want to tell their friends about you. You just need to give them good reason! After this you will!

4. Personal understanding and recognition – Finding out who you are and how you tick is liberating. Know this about your clients and it’s win/win!

5. Whole team involvement in the pursuit of your Purpose … (WHY) If your team isn’t behind you, then you can basically forget success. Be on the same page, it’s not difficult to do!

6. Organic increase in the bottom line – You get paid more! Seriously, a labourer is worthy of his/her hire. Do you know your worth?

7. The Power of Diversification –  It’s a new world out there, how you approach it will define you and the security you offer your family.



The “30-Second-Technique” 
This Technique alone is worth SO MUCH MORE than the cost of this course. It will change your  perception of you, BUILD TRUST & FAITH in what you are doing and underpin the desire, the hope, the dream upon which your business and lifestyle can flourish!


This is NOT for everyone. It has a unique appeal and relies very heavily on knowing Who, How, What and Why you are in business and being prepared to pivot as things change or the unexpected happens! We will help you define yourself so you can work to your strengths in any niche you decide.

“You need to know who, how, what and why you are in business to find your niche. You won’t find it by following the crowd!”

- Bill Kellner-Read BDS

Dr Bill Kellner-Read has been a practicing dentist for 40 years. He has run practices in the UK, Austria and Australia. In 2002 he authored “Toxic Bite” published by Credence Publications in the UK. More recently he has authored”Chill Out” which looks at the stress strain equation and “Out of Order” which looks at men’s issues. He has spoken internationally both to his profession and to the general public on health and wealth. His humorous approach to speaking, lends itself well to the more serious issues that he covers.


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